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GH System GmbH:
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Günter Hackenfort:
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Partners in the research project iwald: Brief und mehr GmbH &Co.KG; DIRAK Dieter Ramsauer Konstruktionselemente GmbH; Fiege Logistik Stiftung GmbH &Co.KG; GH System GmbH; Heimann Fahrzeugbau GmbH &Co.KG; HeiMat GmbH; pmh Projektmanagement Hackenfort GmbH; UNI Duisburg /Essen; Wenker GmbH &Co.KG ; Werbetechnik Hilker GmbH;

Günter Hackenfort


Günter Hackenfort


GH authentication codes and database

For protection of investments in our GH transport – logistic concept GH System developed an authentication concept in optical and digital form, presented in a QR-Code. This code is a safety access to the new logistic standard and a clearly protection against plagiarism and will work together with our worldwide tracking system, lock system and database.

GH lock

An integrated lock concept in the logistic delivery chain is in general an important element, local as well as global, for different logisticians, for boxes as well as containers or for pick-up stations. Even customs need a quick and safety access together with authentication codes in a smart lock.This unit together with a worldwide tracking system and database is the basic for a seamless and efficient supply chain.